General Dangerfield Parker’s Last Sword SOLD

Buffalo Bill Cody reported to Captain Parker at Fort Larned, Kansas in 1868.


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Dangerfield Parker spent nearly forty years in the infantry, and most of that was with the 3rd regiment. During his time in service, he commanded men in battle against Confederates in the battles of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and, earning a brevet major’s rank for gallant action at the Battle of Gettysburg,

He campaigned against Cheyenne and Comanche, and Kiowa Indians in Kansas and Oklahoma from 1868 into the 1870s, and then was  transferred to the 9th Infantry, and campaigned against the Apache in Arizona beginning in 1884.  LT. Col. Parker, of the 13th U.S. Infantry was detailed to oversea the opening of the Cherokee Strip, Kansas in 1893, when Indians were forced to sell lands to the Government, and the sales to homesteaders needed to be monitored by the military.

Parker’s service in the West was quite notable, and he worked with famous scouts like William Cody (Buffalo Bill). In Cody’s book, “The Real Wild West,” he records his first job with the army was in August of 1868. He was ordered to report  to the commander of Fort Larned, Kansas, Captain Dangerfield Parker, 3rd U.S. Infantry.

In 1894, Dangerfield Parker was promoted to colonel and assigned to his last command with the   18th U.S. Infantry; a position he held for four years, and was forced to retire for age two years later in 1896.

The sword is in excellent condition, as it probably saw limited use after the general’s retirement. It bears the retailers name on the ricasso N.S. Meyer, Washington, D.C.,  (Ames probably made the sword).  The  Diamond shaped blade is 27 1/2 inches, and is etched on both sides with the typical use of florals, geometric figures, and panoplies. The federal eagle is on the left side of the blade and the other in panel has “Gen’l D. Parker, USA.” The blade polish and and etched panels show very minimal wear.

A quality hilt, with plain folding counter guard, and sharkskin grips have most of the original finish remaining; the grip wire is tight. The scabbard is nickeled, and mounting are in gilt, and like the rest of the sword, are excellent.

A great historical item.  Included is some biographical material from varies sources.


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