Late Issue 5 Button Wool Fatigue Blouse SOLD

Federal pattern with issue General Service Buttons


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This is a late issue 5 button fatigue blouse with original General Service buttons. This pattern was worn during the Indian Wars era up through the Spanish American War on to 1902. Surplus of these were issued out to old soldier’s homes for use of veterans. Many other were never issued and sold as surplus by the likes of Bannerman and others.

This coat may have been purchased directly from the quartermaster and lined in quality material by a local tailor for the soldier. Upper left interior pocket.

No markings within the interior other than a sizing mark “4” in right sleeve lining. Buttons have all original stitching.

Fatigue Blouse is in excellent condition with a few very minor moth nips, just super for display.

Don’t know size.


USPS Parcel Post: $10.00