M1836 Johnson Flintlock Pistol- Dated 1844 -SOLD

A very nice example privately purchased from Johnson for Militia use.

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The Model 1836 single shot flintlock pistol was produced by A. Waters, and in this case, Robert Johnson of Middletown, Connecticut.  This pistol is all original flint and all other components. The lock is dated 1844, being the last contract year which Johnson produced this pistol for U.S. Government contract. This pistol, has parts that are sub inspected, but final inspection marks on the barrel breech, and the wood behind the side plate are not present.

There are two strong possibilities for the lack of inspection markings: 1. This was the last year of the contract awarded to Johnson for this model pistol, and an overrun in production might possibly have been intended for local militia companies or officers needing these.  2. The possibility of a flaw in the pistol, making it unacceptable for Government us. This pistol appears to be quite acceptable except for one tiny problem that could have been the reason – the frizzen spring is loose, and does not set well when in the upright position. It rattles a bit, yet would not affect the firing in anyway. When the frizzen is down on the pan, it lies flat and tight.

Typical lock markings, mechanically fine, strong wood, smooth metal surfaces, only years of dried grease (most removed by last collector) remain. Bore needs a good cleaning. A good cleaning will certainly increase value.

8.5 inch round barrel, with blade front sight, full black walnut stock, some case color remains on the lock plate, 60%  oil quenched dark case still on barrel tang, and some remaining on trigger and some screws. Has an old leather wrapped pistol flint in jaws of hammer.  Did not see a lot of period use.

Very good – fine condition.


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