M1858 Federal Forage Cap With Artillery Officer Buttons – SOLD

A nice example, possibly worn by an NCO of artillery, using “A” buttons.

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This Federal pattern 1858 forage cap a great look and perfect for display.  The outside blue wool had some moth damage, but was far worth the effort to restore it.  I have taken photos in natural light and some with good light and close up to show where the repairs to the body were made.  In the natural, it is hard to see the restoration.  The interior brown polished cotton lining is all original, as is most of the sweatband,  It appears that the sweatband was originally pieced in the front left, and repaired with period leather sweatband in the back.  Photos will show the work done is quite old.

As far as officer buttons used, this was occasionally done by NCO, not only on headgear, but on uniform clothing as well.  The chinstrap is original.  Some stitching in the back is gone.

Overall, a worthy piece.

Small size, approx. 6 3/4- 6 7/8

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Weight 3 lbs