Manila Made Eagle Insignia For 1895 Cap


A bit crudely made, but a great folky quality.

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Here is another nice example of the pre made 1895 officer’s garrison cap eagle insignia, a bit on the crude side, but nice for the folky quality, it being made in the Philippines.  Usually these insignia are directly sewn to the caps, and it is in examples made in Manila, or by other foreign makers, were they were commonly made separate from the cap.

The bullion is still main in its original state with a great deal of luster remaining on the bullion thread.  “E Pluribus Unum” is nearly complete as the last three letters of Unum found a lack of space for inclusion.

The height of the bullion insignia is approximately 2 inches +.  The dark blue wool is a bit uneven when trimmed.

Condition is fine.

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