Militia Canteen In Green With Red 8 Pointed Star


Cheesebox style canteen C1815-25.

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A colorful example of painted militia equipment for American militia of the first quarter of the 19th Century. This canteen is painted in a medium green with an 8 pointed star in brick red.  Known as the “cheese box” style, made of two round side panels, and encircled with a one piece side, with an overlapping section coming to a point, all box nailed into place. The overlapping has a Shaker look to it, and might place this canteen from the Western Mass- Eastern New York area, but this is an educated guess.

Leather sling guides are nailed to the side (3) and were added after the painting was finished.

A tight example in fine condition for its age.  The wood plug offers a good look, but is not the original.

7 inches diameter, 2 3/8 wide.

No history with this one.

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