Model 1858 Seven Ring Bullseye Canteen.


An original untouched painted canteen painted for display in a Veteran’s post after the Civil War, on a M1859 7 ring canteen.

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Model 1858 Seven Ring Bullseye Canteen.

To add a couple of new words to the Civil War era lexicon, here is a “G.A.R.’rd,” or “veteranized” canteen that was painted post war, with the usual colors added, specifically the use of gold paint, seen on many Veteran post items.

This canteen is painted red within the 4 inter most rings with blue on the outer.  Gold paint was used on the spout, and in some of the rings on the other side.  The canteen retains its original sling, stopper and chain.

No history with this one, unfortunately.

Very good.

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