Pair of Non Matched Colonel’s Shoulder Straps – SOLD

Are they really mismatched?


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This is a very fine pair of colonel’s straps circa 1890s and after taking the photograph I noticed that the two were not a natural pair. Obviously made by the same firm, and in the same condition. They have been on a uniform, and come from the same lot. with no other straps to match up with them. ¬†Could they have been mis matched from the period? I have to think they were an undetected pair from the get go.

Regardless, they are different and will sell cheaper than a “normal” pair. These belonged to Colonel Joseph Phipps, 4th Maryland Infantry. A Lt. Col. in the 1st Maryland US Vols during the Spanish American War. He was also a Civil War veteran with the 17th, 107th Infantries and 7th Indiana Cavalry.