Piece of Shell From Harper’s Ferry- Asst. Surgeon A.C. Vaughn


This piece of shell fragment was collected by Assistant Surgeon A.C. Vaughn, 105th Pa Vols.- also an inventor of a double barreled revolver in 1862.

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Dr. Aaron C. Vaughn, from Johnstown, Bedford County, Pennsylvania served as an assistant surgeon on the 105th and 86th Pa. Vols. during the Civil War.  He had prior to the war taken out a patent for a double barreled revolver, U.S. Patent 35,404.

Dr. Vaughn was commissioned into the Field & Staff of the 105th Infantry, PVI on May 15, 1863.  He was discharged for disability on September 3, 1864.

When he collected this souvenir  piece of shell from Harper’s Ferry is unknown, but mostly likely on their way south after leaving Washington.  I purchased this and one other item just recently from a collection, but unfortunately the information I have is limited to the items themselves as they were tagged. The small jagged piece is about 1.5 inches at the longest, and has bits of wood still clinging to it.

The tag reads, “This piece of shell was taken out of a post near the old Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Va.”  by Assistant  Surgeon A.C. Vaughn 105th Pa. Vols.” The old tag is loose, and may have been tied at one point. It is nearly 1.5 inches long (longest).

See the other item listed separately (nail for Fort Ticonderoga).

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