Post 1863 Grimsley Artillery Driver’s Saddle Tree – Sold

An unissued Artillery driver’s saddle inspected by Lt. Col. P.V. Hagner, Ordnance Department.

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This Grimsley artillery driver’s saddle tree was made after June of 1863, as the rank of Ordnance Department officer Peter Valentine Hagner was promoted on June 1, 1863, and promoted in 1867 to full colonel.  Most probably made during the war where so much equipment and surplus had been accumulated during the war, I doubt that the miserly Ord. Dept. was making these after 1865.

Made in the Grimsley pattern adopted in the late 1850’s, this saddle tree was produced by “E. WATERS / MAKERS/ TROY N.Y.” and that company’s stamped brass tag was placed on the left rear face of the cantle. Iron stirrup hangers with rollers are riveted to the body.  The entire saddle tree is covered in rawhide, and considering the age, the rawhide, and stitching are in fine to excellent condition with only a few areas of cracking of rawhide to to drying, and some small areas of popped rawhide stitching.  The body was inspected and stamped, “P.V. Hagner/ Lt.Col. Ordn.” 

A supper piece of Civil War artillery equipment, and doesn’t take up the room required by the whole saddle.

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