Rank & Collar Insignia For General U.S. Grant, III – WWII

Grandson of the Civil War General and President; with letter of provenance.

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This lot was purchased by a descendant of the grandson of U.S. Grant (General and President), U.S. Grant, III. The lot consists of a pair of unmarked clutchback stars, and “US” collar brass (all having their original clutches). A letter of provenance accompanies the insignia as well as a newspaper article about the family member, and the Grant family from the April 5, 1988, Richmond Times Dispatch.

The letter is signed by John G. Griffith, a great, great grandson through his mother’s side is dated Jan. 29, 1989.

The news article gives all the info on the family lineage of Griffith, and about the Grant family.

Major General U.S. Grant, III, was the son of Frederick Dent Grant, and grandson to the President. He graduated from West Point, Class of 1908, He saw service in the Philippines, Mexican Border, WWI and WWII. During WWI, he was a major on the staff of General Tasker H. Bliss, on President Wilson’s commission to negotiate peace at Paris.

Grant was promoted to brigadier in 1940, and commanded the Engineer Replacement Center at Fort Leonard Wood, promoted to major general in 1943, and in July of 1945 was forced to retire for mandatory age requirements, but recalled to active duty the next day, serving until full retirement in 1946. He passed away in 1968.

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