Remington Conversion Musket With Maynard’s Tape Primer

Pre Civil War M1816 conversion musket with New Jersey State “NJ” marking.

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This Remington Model 1816 conversion musket utilizes a Maynard Tape Primer, and also incorporates an “H & P” (Hewes & Phillips) type breech with integral nipple bolster and tang. Remington converted  approximately 20,000 of these muskets and are marked on the lockplate, “REMINGTON’S / ILION, N.Y. /1857 / U.S.”  The breech also bears the date “1857.”  The barrel markings are the original remaining after the new breech was added, in this case “L.S.” and the top part of an inspection cartouche. One the left side barrel flat are the “N.J” (New Jersey)  State ownership stamping. This same inspector’s initials are seen on behind the side plate.

  • The barrel is 42 1/4 inches to the rear of the new breech. Rifled.
  • 58 inches overall length
  • Caliber 69.
  • Black Walnut stock

Additional markings can be found in the wood at the rear of the trigger guard plate, “W” (most likely a sub inspector at factory), and a  “W” stamped on the lower middle of the buttplate, along with the typical “U.S.” on the butt tang.  Forward of the “N.J” stamp on the barrel is an “X,” a probable state condemn marking?

Mechanics are excellent. Metal surfaces are smooth, cleaned a long time ago and starting to develop a light brown service overall. Light blemishing overall with fine peppering of pits.  Stock is fine, with typical light dings and scratchings.  One small stress crack running from behind lock wood facings running about a 1/4 inch. Bore is fine.

Original ramrod, button type with receded head to assist in properly sitting the ball. Muzzle has top mounted bayonet stud, and blade front sight affixed to forward barrel band.

A nice example of a pre Civil War conversion musket.




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