Revolutionary War Musket Flint SPLD

Accompanied by label on the original box top.


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This is a large musket flint,  approximately 1 1/4 inches square that is typical of most flints from the flintlock era. It might be said honestly that what you are paying for is for the remnant of an old box and the original handwritten note that was affixed to the box top.  “Flints used in old revolutionary flint lock guns used before 1847.” It is suggestive that the box may have contained more than one originally. Also the date is that of the Mexican War era, and some patriotic old veteran may have felt the need to preserve a few pieces of his past; at time of the Mexican War era, there were hundreds of these old Rev War vets still around. By the time of the Civil War, all but a handful remained.

Unquestioningly a real item, with a great old label.