Shoulder Belt Plate For Co. “D” Buffalo City Guards – SOLD

A Very Scarce Accoutrement Plate.


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To be honest, I have heard opinions that vary as to the period of the shoulder belt plate for the Buffalo City Guards. They don’t seem to be far separated, and range from pre to post Civil War. That is exactly what I am selling them as, 1850’s-1870. One thing that is agreed upon; this is a very scarce plate!

The stamped brass plate is 3 1/2 inches high and 2 3/8 inches at its widest. Three brass prongs are soldered onto the reverse for mounting on the leather (or Linen) shoulder strap. This could be worn on a belt for cartridge box, sword belt, etc?  There are traces of gilt remaining in protective areas.

Detail is superb with “D Co” in monogram; a charging buffalo at center and the “C G” for the City Guards below.

Interesting to note that when researching this plate, and coming up empty, I did see several reference to the Buffalo Police Department adopting this very similar pattern for there own in the later 19th Century.

A scarce plate in fine condition.

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