Spanish American War Era Infantry Quartermaster Sergeant’s Fatigue Uniform SOLD

Nicely marked Jeffersonville Depot, Company Quartermaster Sgt’s uniform.


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This company quartermaster sergeant’s 5 button fatigue blouse and trousers just came in last week, and by chance I had also picked up a 1874 waist belt and Hagner buckle, and a minty pair of canvas puttees, that would look great as a ready made display.

The blouse was made in 1900-1901 at the Jeffersonville Depot, and is inspected in both shoulder linings. There are a few repaired moth holes in the front, but well done and not all that visible.  The stripes are sewn on in a non regulation fashion (end not tucked into the sleeve seams).  The service stripe for one hitch in the infantry are not regulation for the regular army, making this volunteer. The trousers appear to be a private purchase with the regulation 1 inch stripes.

The waist belt leather is very good, with typical light wear, but lacks the leather sliding loop.  The puttees are in supper condition; I have not had condition like this for one of these for some time.

No Identification for this sergeant.   A nice ready made group ready for display.

I like looking at things with form, so have used a pair of shoes that are not included with this lot.

USPS  Priority $20.00