The 1909 Howitzer – U.S. Corps of Cadets

West Point Yearbook, graduating year for Patton, Eichelberger, Devers, Lee, etc.


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This 1909 yearbook, “The Howitzer,” has its original binding, personalized copy to Carlin Curtis Stokely. The leather binding shows wear on the corners and edges; the gold edge pages are very good; some of the pages are coming loose from the spine where the main images are containing photos of 1909 graduates. There is some splitting at the spine in a few places because of the weight of the book.

Carlin Curtis Stokely, Class of 1909 was an infantry officer through WWI, and by the beginning of WWII was a colonel commanding Boston Port of Embarkation, 1942. His name is embossed on the lower cover in gold.

This book contains some of the higher ranking officers in the army during WWII including, MG Carl A. Baehr, comdr. VI Corps- Anzio Beachhead-Italian Campaign;  Jacob Devers, General, early commander ETO-6th Army Group comdr.; Robert L. Eichelberger, General- comdr. 77th Inf. Division; John C.H. Lee, General-Comdr. ComZ ETO; George S. Patton, General- 3rd U.S. Army; William Simpson, General- comdr. 9th U.S. Army; Stuart C.Godfrey, B.Gen.- Air Corps Engr -South Pac.; James Garesche Ord, MGen.- Comdr. 28th Inf. Division;  Other officers in 1909 had excellent careers in WWI and II.

I did not look through the other classes for names.

I think other than the 1915 Howitzer (The Class the stars fell on) this is the next best yearbook from West Point in the 20th Century.

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