Trench Art Battle Scene- Airplane Clock Fretwork Stand.


This elaborate fretwork dated 1915 features British & Germans in close hand to hand combat.

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Trench art comes in many forms, and mediums; some simply made or very elaborate. In this case, a talented individual created this wonderful fretwork stand to hold what most likely was an airplane clock or instrument. Dated 1915, the stand is nearly 10 inches high, and made of thin sections of wood from biscuit crates (or the like, about 5mm thick throughout). Some pieces are mortise and tenon constructed.

The fretwork has a base upon which is the box that holds the clock, with decorative wreath type foliage on either side.  Behind the box, and extending upward from the base is a silhouetted scene of two British soldiers engaging two spiked helmeted Germans. One might assume that this item was made by or for a Britisher due to the German taking the bayonet, and with his cohort, in a falling back movement.

There are a few very small areas where there is some chipping, and wear, but overall the shellac over the box-wood (with remnants of paper labels) gives a great finished presentation.

A great piece of WWI trench art for the mantel.

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