Uniform Grouping For Lt. Col. Joseph Phipps, C-1890’s – SOLD

Col. Phipps was an officer in the 4th Maryland Infantry, and the 1st Maryland Infantry,US Vols during the Spanish American War.


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This grouping belonged to Lt. Colonel Joseph B. Phipps, 4th Maryland Infantry. The lot consists of his M1895 undress coat, trousers, forage cap, and several photos of Phipps during his career.

The coat is made of fine dark blue wool serge and lined with mohair trim, some of the trim showing some wear in one area toward the bottom of the coat, near where the buckle of the sword belt would ride on the waist. There were regiment numerals on the collar. A few moth holes near center chest area are small and fixable. The lining shows wear from good use, with fraying lining near the armpits, left breast pocket, Sleeve linings are fine. The maker label reads, Oehm’s Acme & Hall Baltimore.  The Lt. Col. shoulder straps are in nice condition with some toning to the bullion and the white wool has soiled some, but overall fine. A nice coat.  The coat is not named.

The trousers are medium blue wool with 1 1/2 inch officer of infantry stripe. The stripes are quickly sewn in place, securely, but large stitching suggesting a new pair of pants, stripes added in a pinch and possibly intended for field duty, can’t explain it any other way. The stripes are no doubt put on in the period of use.  The interior is fine, condition overall is fine as well. There are some moth holes on the legs, but nothing too large or detracting. Some soiling, staining and would rate as fine.

The Kepi or forage cap is certainly a great piece of headgear. Made by New York Clothing House, Baltimore, MD. “Phipps” is written on the sweatband in ink.  The wool of the cap has a few moth holes but minimal and overall is fine +.  The bullion insignia sewn directly to the cap shows some toning and patina, the gilt chin strap is fine. Maryland State side buttons. Size approximately 6 3/4-7/8.

The photos are mostly from the Spanish American War era. The cabinet range from 7×9 up to 11×14. 1st image show Phipps in his 1898 tropical uniform and campaign hat; 2nd is a full standing image of Phipps wearing a 5 button blouse, sword belt and saber, and this forge cap in this lot (Inscribed “For my daughter, Ethelyn, April 5th, 1893); 3rd photo show Phipps mounted, condition of this image is weak;  4th image is the earliest of the 5, this one taken Aug 5, 1886, showing members of an earlier unit in Maryland wearing grey dress uniforms and blue fatigue coats. Taken in a camp scene, Phipps is seated with coat open exposing white shirt and a gray kepi. A very nice photo. Some glue on the lower mate; 5th and last, is by far the nicest image of Phipps in front of his tent, Circa 1895 at the latest. Phipps is wear the kepi, a ’95 coat with frogging on the front, not quite a ’92 coat. Taken by Ashman, Baltimore. 

The last item is a bit from is earliest military career; a GAR invitation addressed to him as Capt. The nicely printed invitation to a Concert and Ball to the National Encampment at Boston, August 1890. Given by the Maryland GAR to Phipps, a beautiful piece.

Phipps was in the Civil War enlisting first into the 17th Indiana Vol. Infantry; then very briefly in the 107th Indiana for a week, then enlisting in the 7th Indiana Cavalry from 1863-65 to the end of the war. He began is Maryland career in the 70’s in the Maryland Guard and then joining the 4th Maryland Infantry. When war broke out with Spain, the 1st Maryland Inf. were called into Federal service and slated to go to Cuba (never went, but spent time in the south at camp). The 3rd battalion needed men and Phipps as well as men from other regiments volunteers to serve. So Phipps served with that unit during the SAW. His highest rank was full colonel as the Adjutant General of the 4th Maryland Brigade.

This material has been taken from a much larger grouping, this representing his earlier military career.

A great group with nice history.


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