Uniforms & Headgear For LTC Daniel B. Shepp, NGP – SOLD

A great grouping for a Soldier and Author, from the Pennsylvania Militia in the finest condition you could hope for.


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What a wonderful grouping of uniforms and headgear for one officer in the Spanish American War- Philippine Insurrection era, belonging to Lieutenant Colonel Daniel B. Shepp of the the National Guard of Pennsylvania.

The grouping consists of 1902 dated 4 pocket undress coat made by John G. Haas, Lancaster, Pa., with all of the Pennsylvania state staff buttons, “Keystone” collar insignia and LtCol. of staff, shoulder straps.  Condition is excellent with toning to the gold bullion on the straps.

Next is his 1895 undress coat with the same style and rank shoulder straps, Keystone and Quartermaster collar insignia, coat wool and mohair trim are excellent, actually looking like he never wore it. Made and purchased by the same tailor in 1902. Again, just toning to the bullion on the straps.

Shepp vest is in the same condition, and has a three button front with buckle and adjusting strap in the rear.  Not named by no doubt it is his.

The headgear follows suit with condition, all being boxed in the original Horstmann labeled boxes.  First up is the 1895 garrison cap with the gold bullion Pennsylvania State seal directly embroidered. Bullion cord chin strap.  The interior shows little wear, and the colonel left one of his calling cards inside.  Size 7/1/8.

Col. Shepp’s 1902 undress cap is another gorgeous example of headgear with the Penn. State seal embroidered directly on the cap.  This is another Horstmann made cap and boxed.  Size on this one is 7 1/4.

Finally, there is a super full dress 1902 field grade officer’s cap with the Penn State seal, and trimmed in buff colored silk for Quartermaster’s Dept.  The workmanship of the bullion on this as well as on all the caps is superb.  There appears to be no stressing or pulling to the bullion anywhere on the caps, and the “scrambled eggs” are likewise super.  Size is 7 1/4.

All of the Horstmann boxes are covered in maroon paper and finished with the Horstmann label.  Condition on the boxes is similar for all, showing wear to the corners and edges, some maroon paper either lifting or torn in a few places; and there are a few separated corners on lids.

Wear any of the other uniforms went, I do not know, but this is one of the finest conditioned uniform lots of this period we have offered.




Lieutenant Colonel Daniel B. Shepp is one of the most popular officers 

of the National Guard. He was born in 1863 and is a native of Berks

county. He was educated in the public and private schools of Reading. He

taught school at the age of sixteen. Later he completed a course of commercial

instruction and entered the mercantile business in Philadelphia in; 1881

Colonel Shepp is the founder and proprietor of the Globe Bible Publishing

Company, Philadelphia, 1883. He is the author of “Shepp’s Photographs

of the World;” “Chicago’s World’s Fair Photographer;” “Shepp’s Holy Land

Photographed;” “Story of China and Japan;” “Cuba’s Fight for

Freedom and the War with Spain;” “Shepp’s New York City Illustrated;”

“History of South Africa and the Boer-British War;” “Story of One Hundred

Years;” “Shepp’s Giant Library;” “Shepp’S Library of Fine Art.”

The total sales of these vat:ious publications exceed one million copies.

After twenty-five years of active work he retired from the publishing business

in 1908.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepp is extensively interested in street railways;

president and principal owner of the “Reading and Southwestern Street

Railway Company;” director United Traction Company, Reading, Pa. ;

director Schuylkill Valley Traction Company, Norristown, Pa., and director

in numerous other street railways and manufacturing; companies.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepp made his initial bow as Aide-de-Camp on

the Staff of Governor Stone when the Pennsylvania Commission visited

the Charlestown Exposition in 1902. He was re-appointed Aide-de-Camp

with the same rank on the Staff of Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker,

1903-1907. He was Aide-de-Camp on the Staff of Major-General Henry C.

Corbin on the occasion of the Dedicatory Ceremonies of the St. Louis Exposition,

1903, and was appointed Assistant Quartermaster General on the

Staff of Governor Edwin S. Stuart, 1907·

Lieutenant Colonel Shepp is a great lover of art, and has brought

 treasures of art and literature home from abroad. He is a decided

globe trotter, and there are but few countries in the world which he has

not visited.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepp is a military enthusiast and is particularly

interested in rifle and revolver practice. He is an excellent shot himself.

He presented to the Guard the “Shepp Rapid Fire Trophy” contested for

annually. This trophy consists of a stack of bronze arms with a silver target

suspended, on which the names of the winners are inscribed.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepp is a stalwart Republican and was the Chief

Marshal of the big Republican parade, with over 30,000 men in line, during

the exciting campaign of 1905 in Philadelphia. He had charge of the

Speaker’s Bureau of the Republican State Committee in the Governor’s

fight in 1906.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepp is a member of the Art, Racquet, Manufacturers,

Fellowship, Pen and Pencil and Young Republican Clubs of

Philadelphia; the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; the Philadelphia

Cricket Club, Wissahickon Heights; the Merion Cricket Club, Haverford,

and the Army and Navy Club, New York City.”

(From: Official history of the militia and the National guard of the state of Pennsylvania, 1909, by Major Wm. P. Clarke).  The photograph of Col. Shepp came from this same source.


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