WWI British Field Artillery Trio Medal lot In Tin

This lot contains the old cookie tin and note they were passed on in – For a Royal Artillery Driver.

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WWI British Field Artillery  Trio Medal lot In Tin. This trip belonged to Royal Artillery Driver, Reginald Griffith, and includes the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, and WWI Victory all identified either on the back (Star) or on the rim.

All have ribbons, and it appears that the Star was worn separately, or the other two ribbons were replaced. None of the ribbons show sign of ever being mounted on bar.

They came in a Wilkinson & Co. Pontefract Cakes tin. in fine condition, with a small note pat page recording a brief history of how some family members came into possession of these.

It would be assumed that Reggie Griffith made his way to America some time after the war.

Fine condition.  Not researched.

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