WWI Era Decorative Prussian Pocket Watch Stand With Field Case SOLD

A Prussian watch stand for a member of the 16th regiment, with an image of Kaiser Wilhelm and Wife.

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WWI Era Decorative Prussian Pocket Watch Stand With Field Case.

The stand is made of thin sheet metal, bullets and full cartridges (inert), and stamped brass cherubs, Prussian crown and other painted military motifs.  The watch was suspended from a brass hook, that would make contact with a round red wool pad to protect the case from scratching.  Half bullets mounted in a circular fashion on another red wool circle is used a further accent.  Prussian flags are mounted on both sides of the 16th regiments shoulder tab, just beneath the crown.

The base is decorated with more bullets, and two small painted guard shacks painted in blue and white. A lithograph card of Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife are held in a slip that could also hold any photograph of the owner’s choosing.

The back of the base has a patent stamp, and a label on the bottom of the base, reads (as best as I can translate), “Protected by Law / Any imitation will be severely punished. /  Only available from F. Dehnke, Berlin, Street 37, 1.”

The stand is 9.5 inches and the base is 6 inches.  Overall condition is very good -fine with light age patina on surfaces.

The watch is made by HELA, with the inner case engraved Cylindre 10 Rubis.  The case has several markings, one which I believe reads, 800 silver.  The hands appear to be gold, and the dial has some damage and repairs.  I don’t believe this is a big dollar watch. The watch needs a good cleaning; it wants to run, but stops without intermittent hand movement. Case shows wear

I comes with a pear shaped aluminum protective field watch case made by Primus, with is lined with paper and red wool.  It shows a good deal of use, and would if worn during the war.

A great look piece for a WWI display.

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