WWII Printed U.S. Flag Armband SOLD

This Armband is of the type used during the Normandy Invasion, a salty old veteran.


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Invasion troops used armbands during TORCH, the invasion of North Africa, that was a printed variety on a waterproof canvas material. This type consisted of a small flag sewn directly to the cotton armband, and was much more comfortable to wear, not being as stiff as the earlier pattern.

This armband being offered is of the type that was worn by U.S. troops during the D-Day Invasion at Normandy, France. The flag is 3 5/8″ x 5″and machine sewn to a cotton band 16 inches long. A safety pin is still present, but not certain if it is the original or not.

Shows all the wear you would expect this material to suffer if having gone through a saltwater invasion and worn in combat. Staining, fading all adding to an honest patina.

I have no individual history for this armband, other than it came from an excellent WWII collection I have had the privilege of acquiring material from time to time.

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